As a child I remember adults asking me “What do you want to be when you grow up? It was a typical way to connect to children and like the eccentric child I was I would always say “I want to be an entrepreneur”. My grandmother asked me ton of times when we saw her friends she thought it was the cutest and such an advanced thing to say. “What do you know about being an entrepreneur?” she would ask. You’re 6!

The kids I knew always said a fire fighter, a teacher, and yet here I am wanting to be something I could not even spell back then. In my heart I knew I wanted to work for myself but also be a leader.

When my husband lost his job during the recession of 2008- 2009 I cleaned homes part-time in addition to my full-time job to make ends meet. With a newborn baby and income loss, cleaning homes became our savior. Soon I would have regular recurring homes and my grandmother became my biggest supporter. She referred me to all her neighbors, coworkers, and her friends. I enjoyed helping people and the receiving such a positive response from the detailed work.

I hired another cleaner who was also a stickler for attention to detail and before we knew it my small side job turned into Zip Cleaning. I was cleaning over 120 homes monthly with my cleaning partner and helping families gain some sort of normalcy to their lives. It was such a rewarding feeling.

Soon I hired additional cleaners who helped grow and set a great reputation for the company. We moved to our first office and gained many wonderful recurring residential & commercial clients. Zip Cleaning provides cleaning services to mothers, busy working-class families, seniors, small business owners and many more. From the first call you make to us to the detail we put in our cleanings; I want Zip Cleaning to be thee experience.

I have a passion for helping others and leading my staff and today I am proud to say that I am doing just what I envisioned, and it shows in the services we provide.


-Whitney Davis, CEO


Dedicated to my angel who gained her wings in 2019. Thank you for being my biggest supporter Grandma. I love you and miss you and hope to always make you proud.


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